EcoReactEU is led by a multi-disciplinary consortium including an academic/research institution (Utrecht University) and youth-focused non-profit organisations (Arci Aps and Eko Greece) based in Italy and Greece respectively. The project is coordinated by La Ligue de l’enseignement based in France. Funding for this project was provided by the European Union (an Erasmus+ KA220- Cooperation partnerships in youth project) whose priority is to reinforce links between policy, research and practice, environment, and fight against climate change.

Addressing Eco-Anxiety in Europe through Education and Action

Eco-anxiety is a subject that is currently little explored in European educational practice. Knowledge of the subject is limited, and educational policies are almost non-existent to support it. EcoReactEU aims to ensure the skills development of youth workers and the entire European educational community, to promote the integration of eco-anxiety in their practices with young people and thus offer a first educational response to it. The project also aspires to encourage public policies to make eco-anxiety a major issue for consideration in national and European youth and educational policies.